Anchors Aweigh!

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HamdanLab is all set to cruise on out to the Gulf of Mexico for the 2016 GOM-SCHEMA sampling season. Vials are labeled, shipping crates are packed, and hands are itching to collect and process gulf sediment and water samples. This years cruise is  exciting because we have three novice sailers joining us. HamdanLab’s valued undergraduates, Matthew Johnson, Beth Haley, and Sarah Brown will be lending a helping hand in collecting and processing samples. We couldn’t be more excited to show them the ropes. We even have the honor of being accompanied by a very experienced sailor and scientist, Dr. Robert Jonas. Dr. Jonas is not only a accomplished scientist but also holds the position as George Mason University’s Environmental Science and Policy’s Department Chair. Our enthusiasm and appreciation for our growing science party further engenders our excitement for this years cruise.

Stay tuned this week to read field blog updates about the cruise from our undergrads and more.


Zeima K