“A single leaf working alone provides no shade.” ~Chuck Page

As we prepare for our upcoming cruise, it is hard not to notice all the different people and roles that come together to bring GOM-SCHEMA to life. The help we receive every step of the way is extremely appreciated and taken into consideration. So we just wanted to take a moment to give thanks to those important key figures we rely on.


Roslyn Cress is the Environmental Science and Policy Department’s Financial and Grant Analyst, as well as a huge asset to HamdanLab. Without her, our purchasing process would be a nightmare. On top of being delightfully charming she is thorough and steadfast in her work. We thank you immensely for your time and commitment to Hamdan Lab.



Rick Smith and Nelson Granados of GMU’s Science and Tech Campus Facilities are shining beacons of teamwork and benevolence. Moving shipping crates down four floors and to the loading dock isn’t an easy task. Without their helping hands, I don’t doubt a few backs would have been thrown out. Thank you so very much for your kindness and help.



Lastly we would like to thank our lab manager, Fernanda “Phebes” Craig. She has dedicated countless hours to purchasing cruise supplies, organizing the lab, and packing the shipping crates on top of her analytical work towards the science of SCHEMA. Her sunny disposition and willingness to help are extremely valued and appreciated. We are  grateful to have such a wonderful person as our lab manager.


Those who support GOM-SCHEMA and HandamLab are extremely valued and appreciated beyond words. Our gratitude is endless.


Zeima K