First Day at Sea

Yesterday was our first full day out at sea. After a day of organizing and unpacking the lab, we were excited to get some sediment on deck. We started early with water collection and filtering, which was followed shortly by collection of sediment. So far we have managed three multi-core deployments (an instrument that collects sediment cores). The multi-core brought us up some seriously picturesque cores. On top of that, turn over was quick and efficient. Which is all thanks to the wonderful crew of the R/V Pelican. Three multi-cores in a day wouldn’t be possible without the fine men and women of LUMCON.

Unfortunately seas were pretty rough at some points of our day. We were being tossed around in 6+ foot waves. Much of the science party, including myself, felt the unsettling effects of sea sickness during the brute of it. Luckily we were able to bear through and process our samples.

All in all it was a great day for science and the GOM-SCHEMA. We are looking forward to the next 6 days of sample collection.

Stay with us for more updates from various members of the crew and science party.

Zeima K