Journal Club


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Once a month, members of Hamdan Lab come together to discuss the doings and progress of the lab. Aside from managerial aspects of the meeting, it also serves as a wonderful opportunity to get together and share new findings and innovations in science. Therefor, we allocate a portion of our time together to journal club. Journal club revolves around reading a recently published paper and evaluating its applicability to our own work, which facilitates progressive conversations. Not only do we expand on our current understanding of the subject, but we have the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other to further the collaborative efforts of HamdanLab.


December 2015

Chemical dispersants can suppress the activity of natural oil-degrading microorganisms

We ended the semester with a journal club meeting focused on a riveting study done by Sara Kleindienst et al., of The University of Georgia. Kleindienst and her colleagues recently conducted a microcosm experiment on the effects of oil and dispersants on microbial species diversity and abundance. Dr. Hamdan was actually contacted by The Atlantic, a local newspaper, to comment on the findings of this paper. On top of that, Hamdan lab’s own Dr. Salerno recently completed a similar experiment, spanning 16 weeks. The two experiments complimented each other well with their findings. The overall consensus of the meeting was that we enjoyed the paper and found their methods and results to corroborate nicely with Dr. Salerno’s.

It was also great opportunity for undergrads in the lab to learn about the impact factor of a journal. The paper we read was published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States (PNAS). PNAS has an impact factor of 9.67, which places this journal fairly high on the scale. Everything in journal club presents itself as an opportunity to learn and here at Hamdan Lab, that is an opportunity we rarely pass up.

Join us next month to learn what we are reading about next!

January 2016

This months journal club was unfortunately postponed due to Winter Storm Jonas. Join us next month, assuming we defrost by then!