Field Support

deep-sea-systems-ROV-2For our March and July 2014 field activities, we utilized the Global Explorer ROV from Deep Sea Systems International to collect video and sonar data, deploy biofilm monitoring platforms and recover sediment, coral and debris samples. The Global Explorer ROV is a deep water, work class ROV for science survey and documentary. Its portability and small vessel footprint provide affordable access to depths of 10,000 feet with exceptional equipment that includes 3D HDTV, manipulator arm, push core samplers, sonar, and payload bay.


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Deep Sea Systems International
a subsidiary of Oceaneering


Ship support was provided by the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON). LUMCON was formed in 1979 to increase society’s awareness of the environmental, economic and cultural value of Louisiana’s coastal and marine environments by conducting research and education programs directly relevant to Louisiana’s needs in marine science and coastal resources and serving as a facility for all Louisiana schools with interest in marine research and education. It is run by Executive Board representing Louisiana State University and A&M College, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Nicholls State University, Tulane University, University of New Orleans, Louisiana Tech University, University of Louisiana at Monroe, and the LUMCON Science and Education Advisory Council (SEAC). The SEAC is composed of representatives from all of Louisiana’s four-year higher education institutions.